Tire and Auto Services in Santa Rosa, CA

When most people talk about a vehicle's safety features, the first thing that comes to mind is the airbag, anti-lock brakes, emergency brakes, and lane-keeping assist. However, most of them don't understand that the tires are the most basic safety feature in a car. That's why you always need to inspect the condition and pressure in your tires.

Coogler's Auto Repair is a family-owned and operated automotive maintenance and tire shop with years of experience repairing and replacing tires for our community. We hinge our success on our commitment to providing quality, timely and reliable services. Our service members are friendly and our expert technicians are ready and equipped to assist you with all of your vehicle’s tire needs.

Whether you drive a car, SUV or truck, you should never let your car operate with underinflated or overinflated tires. It ranks as a leading cause of accidents and road collisions. In addition, when too much tire touches the ground with low pressure, it leads to damaged sidewalls and premature wear. Bald tires are another culprit for road accidents because they tend to develop soft spots and blisters, which increase the chances of tire blowouts.

What We Do

Tire Rotation: It is recommended that you have a tire rotation performed after every 5,000 miles. Rotating the front and back tires at equal intervals ensures that the treads age and wear at a normal rate, extending their lifespans.

Wheel Balancing: Coogler's Auto Repair also specializes in wheel balancing to ensure your tire and wheel assembly remains balanced to overcome any issues, such as vehicle weight distribution and road conditions that might cause uneven wear on the tires. Usually, imbalanced wheels make the vehicle shake and vibrate, reducing the ride quality.

Tire Replacement: Trust our technicians to provide quality and long-lasting tire replacement services. We offer all major brands of tires that meet quality standards to ensure that your money is spent on tires that will last. Our professionals can help you choose the tires that are right for your vehicle.

If you need tire services in Santa Rosa, CA, do not hesitate to bring your car or truck to Coogler's Auto Repair shop today!

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